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Journal JIMSA is the official publication of International Medical Sciences Academy. Its contents focus on editorial, original research work, update/review articles belonging to different disciplines of medicine; symposia and special issues on topics of current interest are a regular feature. Journal is supplied free of cost to all Fellows and Members.

The objectives of the journal are to provide a forum to the specialists (Fellows/Non-Fellows) belonging to different disciplines of medical sciences, to project their original work/interesting case material and share their experience through comprehensive reviews/updates, symposia, special numbers/supplements etc The multi disciplinary approach adopted by the journal is rather unique and has led to expanded scope and wider circulation.

Special Issues published so far are Nephrology, HIV/AIDS, Pulmonology, Advances in Cardiovascular Surgery, Advances in Orthopaedic Surgery, Emerging and Re-Emerging Parasitic Infestations in India, Advances in Imaging, Minimal Access Surgery Rheumatology, Dialysis Therapy Old and New; Recent Advances in the management of oral cancer. State of Art in Opthalmic Practice, Others in the pipeline are Health of Nation, Advances in Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Disease Practice, Interventional Cardiology, Environmental Pollution and Advances in Radiation Oncology, Ischemic stroke.

Symposia already published include Osteoporosis, Age-Related Disorders Diabetes Mellitus - New Horizon, In Vitro Fertilization, Erythropoietin and Renal Failure, Antiboitics in Surgical Prophylaxis, Hypertension & Target Organs, Emergencies in Opthalmology, Advances in Medical Oncology. Others in the pipeline are G.I. Endosconic Procedures - Newer Technique, MDRT, Advance in Neonatology, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). The Guest Editors of Special issues and symposia are eminent medical teachers, professionals who are experts in their fields.

Note : Few copies of most of special issues & Symposia are available for sale to non fellows/fellows; Those interested may send Rs. 300/- + 25/- (postage) to IMSA office.

The topics covered in the Scientific Editorials have so far included HIV and tuberculosis: Thalassemia Major, Stereotaxy in neurosurgery, Role of Helicobacter pylori. Hepatitis, E-Virus, Xerophthalmias, Female Infertility : Strides in Opthalmology.

Therapy Update focuses on the latest therapeutic advances and future trends, already published include Cardioprotectants: Anti-retroviral Therapy: Resistant Schizophrenia, Asthma Therapy. Drug profiles ( New Introduction) and literature reviews ( latest referenes) contributed by members of the editorial board are regularly published.

Submission of Articles in JIMSA:
The articles for publication in JIMSA may be kindly sent to Editor, JIMSA IInd floor NML Building , Ansari Nagar, New Delhi - 110029 Tel No. 011-26588226, 26589660. The article should be prepared as per guidelines given below:

Manuscript Submission:
For JIMSA Check-list

The article should be in internationally accepted English

(i) copyright statement/declaration (not submitted or published elsewhere) signed by all the authors.
(ii) Three copies of manuscripts with copies of illustrations attached to each; Floppy should also be sent.
(iii) Title Page : Title of manuscript , Name(s) and affiliation of author(s) ; institution(s) and city(ies) adress of corresponding author (Tel; Fax; e-mail)
(iv) Abstract should highlight objectives, methods, results, conclusion.
(v) Article (double-spaced on A/4 size paper) introduction, material & methods results, discussions, Indian literature must be referred, references numbered in text as they appear.
(vi) References (maximum number of references for update-20, original-10, case reports-6 preferably.
(viii) Each table on separate sheet; maximum number = 4 in original article.
(ix). Photographs/Figuers in envelope, each marked on reverse with legends on separate sheet. (Number not to exceed 3, for original article 1-2 for case report.)

Peer Review Process:

All submitted articles are first screened by the Editorial Board to see if the articles confirm to the standard & style of JIMSA as per guidelines/check list. The article is then sent to a member of the Peer Review Committee for thorough scrutinizing before being accepted for publication.

Editorial Board :

Editor: Dr P.D. Gulati (Delhi)

Joint Editor: Dr. S N A Rizvi (Delhi)

Associate Editor: Dr.S C Tiwari (Special issues & Symosium) (Delhi)

Assistant Editor: Dr Pradeep Chatree (Delhi)

Section Editors: Dr N.S Neki ( Journal Scanning / Drug Profile / Public Health / Internal Medicine) (Amritsar)

Section Editors: Dr Ashok Patel (Articles for Special Issue, Symposium from Overseas) (USA)


Dr. K Jagadeesan (Chennai)
Dr Sandip Mukerjee (Delhi)
Dr K B Logani (Delhi)
Dr Indira Bahl (Delhi)
Dr S K Bhargava (Delhi)
Dr Chintamani (Delhi)
Dr H S Rehan (Delhi)
Dr S S Trivedi, (Delhi)
Dr Achal Gulati (Delhi)
Dr Ashok Grover (Delhi)
Dr Kamlesh Chopra (Delhi)
Dr J B Sharma (Delhi)
Dr N P Singh (Delhi)
Dr R K Thukral (Delhi)
Dr.K.K.Agarwal (Delhi)

Advisory Board National:

Dr O P Gupta Ahmedabad
Dr P M Dalal Mumbai
Dr G S Sainani Mumbai
Dr. S.A.Tabish J & K
Dr. R.K.Bali Delhi
Dr Rattan Singh Delhi
Dr Sham Aggarwal Delhi
Dr P S Gupta Delhi
Dr P K Dave Delhi
Dr K K Malhotra Delhi
Dr H P S Sachdev Delhi
Dr T K Biswas Delhi
Dr S P Aggarwal Delhi
Dr Naresh Trehan Delhi
Dr S D Jeyaraj Chennai
Dr Richa Dewan Delhi
Dr Sheela Chuttani Delhi
Dr CV Raghuveer Karnataka
Dr A K Attri Chandigarh
Dr Randeep Guleria Delhi
Dr A K Mahapatra Delhi
Dr Rohini Handa Delhi
Dr Veena Chaudhary Delhi
Dr N Subramanium Delhi
Dr R C Jiloha Delhi
Dr C S Pandav Delhi
Dr K K Sethi Delhi
Dr J Shanmugam Pondicherry
Dr S Jayachandaran Chennai

Dr Swaraj Singh (Neurology, USA), Dr Leela Prasad (Surgery and FRCS, USA), Dr J Heinrich Joist (Pathology & Internal Medicine, USA), Dr Sir Roy Calne (Transplant Surgery, UK), Dr Alistair D Beattie (USA), Dr H Klinkmann (Internal Medicine, Neurology , Germany), Dr Susan Lim (Surgery, Singapore), Dr H S Luthra (Medicine, USA), Dr Kamal Bose (Medicine, Singapore), Dr Nadey Hakim (Surgery, UK) Dr Dinesh Bhugra Makhan Lal Burgh (Psychiatry, UK)

Advertising in JIMSA:

JIMSA site will offer a wide range of advertising oppertunities to Pharmaceutical firms, equipments/instrument manufacturers at vey reasonable rates; existing tariff is as below:
Colour Coloured Page (Full Page / Cover) Rs. 25,000/-
Back Cover (Outside) Rs. 15,000/-
Back Cover (Inside) Rs. 12,000/-
Front Cover (Inside) Rs. 12,000/-
Full Page (Inside) Rs. 10,000/-
Full Page (Inside) coloured Rs. 15,000/-
Half Page Rs. 5,000/-
Rebate for 4 insertions in a year 10%
Advertisement in Website (annually) Rs. 20,000/-Rebate for 4 insertion in a year 10%

For Details:
The concerned agency may contact
Mr. Vinay Sakhuja, Administrative Officer.
IInd Floor, NML Building, Ansari Nagar,
New Delhi-29 Tel No : 26589660, 26588226
Email Address : imsawhq06@gmail.com

JIMSA is indexed by Excerpta Medica, Indian Science Abstracts/Chetna And has been provisionaly approved for indexing in IndMED-NIC.

Journal Subscription:

The JIMSA journal is also available against annual subscription charges payable by DD / Cheque in favour of JIMSA
Institutions, Libraries, Medical Colleges Rs. 1500/- per annum for 4 copies
Individuals Rs. 1000/- per annum for 4 copies
Single Copy Rs. 300/- per copy
Overseas US Dollar 400 per annum for 4 copies
IMSA International Medical Scieces Academy
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