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  1. To bring together National and international Medical Scientists, Medical Educationists, Medical and Health Workers, and Research workers in Medical and Health Sciences on a worldwide basis for the development of Medical and Health Sciences for the advancement of the Health of all peoples of the world. 
  1. To undertake, organise and facilitate research, study courses, conferences, lectures and research in matters relating to different Health Sciences and Health care systems of the world.  
  1. To undertake, facilitate and provide for the publication of newsletters, research papers, and books and of a journal for the exposition of developments in the field of medicine and Health in different parts of the world.
  1. To establish and maintain effective collaboration with all similar organisations, both governmental and non-governmental in the world.
  1. To facilitate exchange of workers between different countries and provide cooperation and international understanding between workers in different countries of the world.
  1. To award Fellowship / Membership of the Medical Sciences Academy to proven meritorious workers in the various disciplines of medicine any where in the world.
  1. To develop, establish, and prescribe international standards with respect to medical education, medical and health care and medical research and establish an International Institute of Medical Education.
  1. To constitute or cause to be constituted REGIONAL CHAPTERS at convenient places in India and elsewhere in the world to promote the objectives of the Society.
  1. To establish, maintain and cooperate with libraries and information services to facilitate the study of world medicine and health and spread information in regard thereto.
  1. To cooperate with approved institutions and interested bodies for the purposes of helping the cause, understanding amongst medical educationists, scientists, specialists and administrators of different countries.
  1. To invite as and when feasible, leaders of the profession and scientists, scholars who may or may not be Fellows of the Society to utilize the facilities of the society.
  1. To establish a Trust for the management and administration of all the properties, monies, assets and activities of the Society.
  1. To issue appeals, and applications for finances / funds for the furtherance of the said objectives and to accept gifts, donations and subscriptions of cash and securities and of any property either movable or immovable in India or any part of the world.
  1. To invest and deal with funds and monies of the Society and to vary, or to transfer such investment from time to time, in India or outside India.
  1. To purchase or otherwise acquire to lease to exchange and otherwise transfer of or deal or hire in Delhi or outside temporarily or permanently, any movable or immovable property necessary or convenient for the furtherance of the objectives of the Society.
  1. To sell, mortgage, lease, exchange and otherwise transfer or dispose of, or deal with all or any property, movable or immovable anywhere, of the Society for the furtherance of the objectives of the Society.
  1. To construct, maintain, alter, improve, or develop any buildings or works necessary or convenient for the purposes of the Society.
  1. To undertake the Management of any endowment or Trust fund or donation with objectives similar to those of the Society.
  1. To establish or provide fund for the benefit of the employees of the Society.
  1. To establish or help to establish Colleges in various disciplines of medicine for continuing education.
  1. To offer prizes and to grant scholarship and stipends to medical scientists in furtherance of the objectives of the Society.
  1. To do, get done, all such other lawful things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objectives.
  2. All income of society shall be utilized towards the promotion of aims and objects of the society.
  3. Power to enlarge objectives etc.: The Academy shall have the power to enlarge, alter, extend or abridge any of the objectives or purposes specified hereinabove.

IMSA International Medical Scieces Academy
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